Who are we?

     Jay Capital Advisory Limited (formerly known as JayDee Partners) is an SEC-approved boutique financial advisory established in 2006 with the objective of providing value-added financial solutions to clients.

     Through clear communication, we seek to fully understand all our clients’ financial needs. We work closely with our clients and tackle each and every case from many perspectives, not only financial but corporate marketing and management aspects in order to provide optimal results.

     Being a small company allows our services to be flexible and specialized, and to alter our services to adapt to each client’s individual needs. Since our establishment, we have strived to provide quality service with strong emphasis on integrity and honesty to our clients. Thus far, we have built a strong reputation within local business community.

Our Services

Jay Capital Advisory Limited aims to provide superb value-added services to clients by providing a full range of financial advisory services. We believe that our financial advisory experience can beneficially assist clients in planning and successfully executing their business objectives.  

Moreover, we provide a corporate communication consulting to help our clients different audiences
with effective communicate with all its strategic media and investors relations consultancy.

Equity Capital Markets
Initial Public Offering is a strict process which requires time and commitment. The professionals involved are expected to be equipped with strong financial background as well as relevant rules and regulation with a thorough understanding of the process.
Merger and Acquisitions
M&A has been a popular way for a corporation to grow and expand. The success of M&A transaction depends on various factors that could influence the outcome. Consequently, a competent and committed project team is peculiarly required.
Debt Restructuring
The initial issue causing debt problems must be identified and revision plans must be established in order to restore liquidity and rehabilitate so that the company could remain operational.
Capital Restructuring and Reorganization
In order to help clients enhancing its liquidity, lower its cost of capital, de-risk, avoiding loss of control and ultimately improving shareholders’ value, we offers capital restructuring and reorganization services to meet those objectives.
Other Financial Advisory Services
Apart from the above mentioned services, we currently provides further services in respect of feasibility studies, financial planning and consulting, warrants and employee stock option program (ESOP) issuance, asset disposal/acquisitions, liquidity enhancements, delisting, property fund origination, etc.

Leading Head

     Jay Capital Advisory Limited have experienced team members in both Finance and Marketing fields contributed to the effective and practical advices.

     For example, our president, Jirayong Anuman-rajadhon, She has more than 19 years of experience in the finance industry, and has advised many leading listed companies during her employment with Asset Plus Securities Plc.

     Prior to Jay Capital, Jirayong was a fund manager, Direct Investment Division of AIA. Jirayong’s expertise is in mergers and acquisitions.

     In Addition, Jirayong is a special lecturer for Investment Banking Class at the Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, Thammasat University.

Jirayong Anuman-rajadhon
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