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Things we can do for you

Jay Capital Advisory Limited aims to provide superb value-added services to clients by providing a full range of financial advisory services. We believe that our financial advisory experience can beneficially assist clients in planning and successfully executing their business objectives.

Moreover, we provide a corporate communication consulting to help our clients different audiences with effective communicate with all its strategic media and investors relations consultancy.

Equity Capital Markets

Initial Public Offering is a strict process which requires time and commitment. The professionals involved are expected to be equipped with strong financial background as well as relevant rules and regulation with a thorough understanding of the process. Jay Capital Advisory Limited have experience working with a variety of IPO cases. We can offer what it takes to successfully turn a privately owned company into a publicly traded company and vice versa.

Jay Capital Advisory Limited can assist IPO aspirants with conducting due diligence, recommending suitable corporate structure, devising optimal listing strategy and pricing range, getting approvals from SEC/SET and as well as, becoming a sponsor after the process ended.

Merger and Acquisitions

M&A has been a popular way for a corporation to grow and expand. The success of M&A transaction depends on various factors that could influence the outcome. Consequently, a competent and committed project team is peculiarly required.

Jay Capital Advisory Limited has worked familiarly with corporate law and the regulatory environment, accounting knowledge and commercial judgment on its M&A transaction with the main objective of looking for a win-win solution for all the parties. We provide assistance which includes the process of planning an optimal structure, developing project timelines, conducting valuations, executing plans with careful risk management and negotiating with both parties to seek solutions that are mutually satisfied.

Debt Restructuring

The initial issue causing debt problems must be identified and revision plans must be established in order to restore liquidity and rehabilitate so that the company could remain operational.

Jay Capital Advisory Limited provides advisory service in debt restructuring which includes identifying key pressure points within the company, reviewing existing debt agreements, negotiating with debt providers, formulating viable financial restructuring plans, giving advice on restructuring or the rehabilitation process as well as on distressed debt purchase.

Capital Restructuring and Reorganization

In order to help clients enhancing its liquidity, lower its cost of capital, de-risk, avoiding loss of control and ultimately improving shareholders’ value, we offers capital restructuring and reorganization services to meet those objectives.

Our services include giving advice on assets reallocation, optimal capital structure, business divestiture and assets/liabilities matching as well as identifying investments opportunities and portraying to potential investors the value created inside the company.

Other Financial Advisory Services

Apart from main services, Jay Capital Advisory Limited currently provides further services in respect of feasibility studies, financial planning and consulting, warrants and employee stock option program (ESOP) issuance, asset disposal/acquisitions, liquidity enhancements, delisting, property fund origination, etc.